Friday, August 24, 2012

Im back Baby

I'm back, and boy has this pst year been crazy, exciting, heart wrenching, amazing ! We have been stretched to the core and, as Always , God has proven Faithful!!!! Here is a snap shot of the past year. *I was a surrogate for a wonderful couple * when I was 5m prego. we received a referral for a baby girl. ( nov. 1) * Richard spent 48 hrs trying to convince God we couldn't take her..... He clearly spoke to us that we needs to trust him and say yes. * we said YES * Nov.7th I drove by myself to Hershey Medical center to meet M (birth mom ) - walk into the NICU at one pm and got to see the most beautiful little 2 lb 15 oz baby girl ever! I was in love, so much so it hurt and I started to cry..... M feared at this point I was changing my mind.... I assured her that wasn't the case and m asked if we could sing papers... We left the hospital went to the notery and 2 hours after meeting my Emma I had full custody of her. And M hugged me and walked away. That was the start of our Journey to bring Emma Michelle Lillian Hope home and make her a Rogers officially!