Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Home Study Finialy Done!!!!!!!!

We finialy got a copy of our home study for Review! we made some minor corections and sent the singed copy to C.C. so they can send it to DHS!

This whole process has just put me on pins and needles... I am driving my family crazy..... But we are almost done!

I need to call the worker who is writing Z & F ,s child profiles, as they to be approved by Dhs also. Please pray that we can get them done by the end of the week!

I would really like an Adoption date in October.....I would really like an adoption date before Z turns 2!

Gotta run " So much time so little to do... Strike that , reverse it!"

Friday, August 13, 2010

School Glorious School>>>>>>

Have I said yet that I CAN"T WAIT FOR SCHOOL TO START!!!!!! I think I am counting the hours, I am just really looking forward to a structured scedual again.
Yes, Me Ms fly by the seat of my pants, spontanious Girl, is craving structure. I find the more kids I have the more I crave it. ...I also noticed that the more kids I have the cleaner the house is. and oxymoron I know, but it's true when I was single and first married the house was always trashed..... Now the entire 1st floor tends to stay clean most of the time...Still working on the up stairs . But it is still 1000% better then when I was single.
Speaking of the second Floor I now have the bigest bed room in the house empty! Thats right , We moved the master bedroom downstairs. A friend of ours has Benk beds that they are giving us and we are setting them up in our old room. For now it is a tv/guest room . But God has promised Richard and I that he would be filling it up. We both have a real peace. I t could be next Year it could Be 2 years it could be When ever He decides our Children are ready to come home forever. It just never hurts to be ready:) We are also in search of another set of bunk beds. As the Babies will be out of there cribs before we know it! I think I will really enjoy this phase of life.

So August, yeah ....

Here it is the middle of August and this is my first post. Things have been a bit up/down. The Adoptions are stressing me out...Shouldn't be , but are. What really sucks is that there is nothing that I can do! It is all papperwork that the kids workers have to do... and as usual it is in there own time.
So any way God has really been dealing with me . He has shown me that I need to stop justifying our adoption of 3 very small children, and the others that are yet to be apart of our family.
Jesus:( Clear as day he spoke to my heart and told me) " I have called you to these children and you need to stop seeking the aproval of others! "

Me: But lord I am at heart a people pleaser.

Jesus: ( through his word) “For we are God's workmanship, created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God prepared in advance for us to do.” Seek me and I will give you all the streangth and aproval that you need!

So if you are reading this Feel free to remind me to seek His aproval! I am sure i will forget, from time to time.

On another note I am still thanking the system every day! It is really getting hard as I have said thank you to all the workers that I like and I think are good...now i am moving to the Others. You know the ones that i mean.