Friday, August 13, 2010

School Glorious School>>>>>>

Have I said yet that I CAN"T WAIT FOR SCHOOL TO START!!!!!! I think I am counting the hours, I am just really looking forward to a structured scedual again.
Yes, Me Ms fly by the seat of my pants, spontanious Girl, is craving structure. I find the more kids I have the more I crave it. ...I also noticed that the more kids I have the cleaner the house is. and oxymoron I know, but it's true when I was single and first married the house was always trashed..... Now the entire 1st floor tends to stay clean most of the time...Still working on the up stairs . But it is still 1000% better then when I was single.
Speaking of the second Floor I now have the bigest bed room in the house empty! Thats right , We moved the master bedroom downstairs. A friend of ours has Benk beds that they are giving us and we are setting them up in our old room. For now it is a tv/guest room . But God has promised Richard and I that he would be filling it up. We both have a real peace. I t could be next Year it could Be 2 years it could be When ever He decides our Children are ready to come home forever. It just never hurts to be ready:) We are also in search of another set of bunk beds. As the Babies will be out of there cribs before we know it! I think I will really enjoy this phase of life.

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  1. 1. I love school too :)

    2. Same here, more kids, the house gets cleaner.

    funny :)