Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Life is good.

So am exhausted, but a good exhausted . I spent last week working a clothing turn about , I was also able to get a compleat spring and summer wardrobe for each of the kids . ( I spent 280 total for 6 wardrobes, in cluding bathing suits and shoes and Easter outfits... And more cute clothing then they really need :) ) and if you know my love of clothing and a great deal you know this was awesome! I was also able to put some bags of clothing together for a family that lost everything in a fire 2 weeks ago.
I am happy to report that Zion had his evaluation , and even though they gave him a developmental / over all age of about 17 m.......this has been one of the best weeks we have had in forever! We moved him out of his crib and he is in a car toddler bed....... Well to all the skeptics out there.... He has slept in the bed for 3 nights and 2 naps and has slept throughout the night 2 nights in a row. ( he hasn't done that in over a year) I am starting to wonder if he felt trapped or boxed in in the crib ? What ever the reaso Iam thrilled.
He has also started to communicate better using 2 & 3 words together. He also played for 20 min. With Eden that didn't end with her in tears( and that is huge for her even if everything goes her way!)
So Eden is now ..... Well still banging her head. she mainly does it asa self soothing way of getting to sleep. Funny thing is she doesnt need to be by her self to do it. she will bang her head into your cheesy if she is tired , or upset and it hurts. The issue lies in that she is now doing it hard enough to leave a bruse on her forehead . so back to the neurologist we will go, she is due for an MRI anyway.
And Faith well she is just trucking on , growing good, cute as ever!
The older 3 are doing great! We are throwing around the idea of cyber school for them next year! We will try a test run over spring break to see if we can get a set # of assignments done each day ...... We shall see.

and last but not least we are on the path to adoption once again .......... Before the comment start flying we are just putting our home study out there and allowing God to bring the child/children that are to be Rogers to us! ...... And there is still no contract for the surogacy so we are in a holding pattern there also..... But I know God is in control of all of this!

So that is us in a nut shell right now

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