Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Wow it has been forever!!!!

OK so here is the run down.....
*On the 18th we finalized our adoptions!!!!!!!!! There are 8 rogers now!
*on the 19th we won the battle to keep our home open, ( even though we are at the PA max of 6 under 18, there is a really good possibility that Edens mom will be having another baby in the near future. She has has one every 2 years for the last 20 years. and YES that makes Eden J Mercy # 10.)
* I feel like I can really breath for the first time in 2 years, Richard and I are souly responsible for all 6 of our children and that is AWSOME! We get to say what is in there best interest and that is that!
* Faith has turned 1 and Today Zion is 2!!
* Eden is walking with out her Brace!
* We bought a 15 passenger van ( it isn't running, we are waiting on some parts...But God willing that will be all it needs)

The past 2 months have been crazy. Emotionally I have been all over the place... I felt taped out, I doubted our decisions in regard to adoption... I doubted everything...and then realized the Enemy's hand in all of it.
He was attacking us on all fronts, You see he wanted us to fail. He didn't wat the cycle of " the system" broken in the lives of our children through adoption... Well we got his card and weren't going to fall for it...and every time an attack arose we thanked God for his promise of family!!!! and then the enemy attacked my health and for the week before adoption I had Migraines , some of the worst I have ever had.... But I continued to thank God and took on the Spirit of Job.... The enemy lost at 10:22 on the 18th as the judge proclaimed Zion James Emmanuel, Eden J Mercy and Faith Skekinah Nichole all Rogers!!!!!

And it has been like a weight has been lifted ...and I CAN BREATH!


  1. your best post yet! i am so excited for you guys!!!! and you are right, that is exactly what the enemy was doing!!!

  2. Yup, whenever you forge ahead in what God has called you to, you can expect plenty of resistance. Praying you will receive lots of peace and joy, especially during the upcoming Christmas season, which now will be all the more special!

  3. Isn't it a great feeling to be able to make decisions for your kids without social services!? Congratulations.