Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Today is the day of new beginings!!!!

So I started a new blog ..you can check it out here http://myovenherbun2011.blogspot.com/ It is cronicaling the new adventures going on with me.
Today I also got permision, from DHS, to meet E's older Brother !!!! We found out about him at the beg. of December and after many phone callsand E-mails, today I got a responce.... The DHS works said she would forward our info to the School ( institution) that he is living in and that we could bring his Christmas presants and meet him. As of right now we know he has some sort of mental health issues , he is 11 and he is a ward of the state.... Don't know what this may mean for the future ... Just happy to know that as E grow she may have the opertunity to have a relationship with a blod relative!

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