Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Breath just breath....

When dealing with an Adult child with FAS, OCD and RAD who happens to also be pregnant!!!!!!!! One must remember to just breath. I am always amazed at how much This child lives in her own world with rules made by her. for how the rest of the world is to treat her and how in her mind she has none of the diorders and we are all out to get her! So here is where the breathing comes in. I was shown yet again that even though I was trying to defend her crappy additude yesterday. So it sliped out to my mom that the comments made about said persons Bfriend hurt her fealing because they are on a break........ She called screaming about me spreading her buisness to the whole world! and how itf she wanted to say something she would..... the textmessages havent stopped for the past half hour!..... and I need to breath before I say som.......

To late she really pissed me off and I let her have it and yes that may not be very grown up
But thank God for tomorow!
Good Night

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