Tuesday, June 8, 2010

It's about time fo an update...

So it's been a bit since I bloged ...;.I've been tired....and not alot has happened ... Except.... F Mri came back perfect! Yup, that right there is nothing of note... We were over the moon, till reality set in. We are no closer to knowing what is wrong with her head then we were at the start! This is the frustrating part. So back to Nero. we go, this time for an EEG. They want to see if it is Seziors (sp) I really don' t think it is as she can controll it. But we shall see. It is then on to the Nero- optomologist, and Audiologist......and hopefully we will know.
But for now I will enjoy my garden and the sun .... And look forward to tomorows Kindergarden graduation!

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