Wednesday, July 7, 2010

365 days of thanking the system......

Ok so lately I have really been struggling to find the good in "the system" of Foster care adoption. ( I'm not referring about the fact that kids find forever homes, You all know I am 100% on board with that!) But the actual going about the process , there seems to be so many holes and lack of communication that ultimately leads to children falling through the cracks and getting hurt by a process that is in place to protect them. Not to mention as A foster Parent we are often looked at like we have a third eye. Like some how we could have some idea , God forbid suggestions about what might be best for the child we care for 24/7.

Any way my attitude needs to be tweaked!!!! So for the next 365 days I will be thanking some one that works in the SYSTEM for there part. Some with a phone call some with e-mail but i will thanks some one. ( Because a little thanks can go along Way) and I will blog each day with that bit of thanks. names will be changed to protect the innocent ( where is my sarcasm font when I ned it!) I will start with the Case workers, supervisors , therapists.... Ok I'm sure I will need some help thinking of more.. So please comment suggestions!
I will start with the receptionist at my agency office ( I.E. SUPER Women in disguise) She is the go to person if you need something to get done! and is an awsome friend!

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