Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Its been awhile...

I know! It has been to long. Summer is rolling on. Rchard and I moved are room down stairs, and I love it . the rest of the house it still in shambles but we'll get there. I have really benn stressing about money. I know it is all in Gods hands, and that worring gets you no where. Except to bed with a migrain as my case my be!
We seem to be getting no where with raising money for the Van. I will be selling Hair bows and Flowers at the Mushroom Festival and Hope to raise some money then! But right now I am blah!
So Please pray for me. When I worry I get anxiety atacks and my blood pressure goes up and my heart races.And i get really cranky at everyone around me! I have meds to help but really Hate having to take them. and when I get like this Richard feeds off my stress and No one has Fun.
Well I haer Babies talking upstairs so ...here we go again.
Really looking forward to spending time with extended Family tonight!

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  1. hey :) thanks for stopping by to encourage me, i need to poke around your blog...at first glance i am thinking you are someone I would like to get to know! :)