Thursday, February 24, 2011

Me 101

1.The control freak in me has to take care of the books even if I say I don't want to.

2.  I only read the US news if I have to.  I always feel like if there is something I really need to know- I will see it on Facebook.

3.I don't really like to talk on the phone.  I prefer texting.  I'm funnier in print- and awkward in person.  Perhaps that's why I like to text.

4.I like bread, all. Kinds of bread.... And can eat a whole loaf if it is good bread!

5.I am notorious for screwing up song lyrics. 

6.I really want another child/ children. Right between Selah and Zion.

7.I find myself listening to kids bop in the car even when the kids aren't with me.  Same goes with iCarly on TV long after the kids have left the room.

8.I like watching the housewives  My husband will be mortified that I just shared that.

9.I could eat crab until I got's not a pretty sight.

10.I' hate that I am getting older. But the inner me still sees her self as an insecure 18year old.

11.I'm on the computer too much too have 6 kids

12.I love wearing dresses!

13.We don't have a tv in our room and i Love it.

14.I hate doing dishes and Richard let's me get away with not doing them.

15.I want to go to collage! But it scares me to death!

16.Some times I eat just to eat.

17.If I were to go to my dream vacation destinations, I would tour Europe with my family , go to an all inclusive resort in Fiji .

18.I say damit when I'm really mad.

19. I hate homework!

20. I secretly love my stretch marks!zz

21. I am a huge fan of P.D.A.

22.I can burp on demand.

23. I am to lazy to ever get divorced......... NOT THAT RICHARD AND I EVER WOULD!!!! I LOVE HIM MORE EVERY DAY!

24.My favorite vegetable is Asparigas

25.My current celebrity crush is Anderson Cooper.  He could tell me the news any day.

26.I love pickled eggs.

27.I have a collection of hello kitty!

28.I hate decorating for holidays

29.My favorite age of kids is age 4.  Old enough to be a little independent but still young enough to be sweet and innocent. 

30.I cry at commercials .

31.I don't remember what my life was like with out kids........ And that is a good thing.

32. Really don't like my birthday, it is never right....... But thank you Richard for never stop trying

33. I saved the pants that I was wearing when I met Richard.

34. I love show tunes.

35.  I have always wanted to live in Haiti and work with orphans.

36. I love shoes...but hate to wear them and only do if I have to! An then they have to nice really nice!

37. chocolate..... need I say more?!?!

38.  I like hospital and airline food.

39.  I consider my home and children a mission field unto it self.

40.  I wish that I knew how to dance.  I love to dance, but I am so bad at it and look so awkward doing it. 

41.  I don't like cold makes me hurt all over
42.  I love reading childrens books....I started collecting them before I had kids.

43. I'm not a fan of popcorn. It gets stuck in my teeth. 

44. I love coupons!

45. My favorite pet is my rat, Cashmere .

46. I love my tv and keep in on for background noise.

47. I love being part of my foster parent association! It makes me feel like I have an in.

48. I really want a pool!

49. I like to spend time with my the expense of housework!
50. After 11 years of marriage , Richard still surprises me all the time......and I love him more and more for it!


  1. Thanks hun for all the years of fun and all our memories. Many many more to make!!

  2. shantra, u would do great at collage, what do u want to study? we just need to find one with free day care or better yet, give it a few yrs and they will be in sch. too.
    u r so smart. and it is fun.
    i love richard's popcorn with the red hots. yes.