Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Yesterday was nuts!

Tuesday is my day off the day I get to go and not worry about anything ( thank aunt Stephanie) well yesterday was nuts! I had to have the neighbor jump the van . Then went to the library and couldn't get It to start again :( so I asked the lady parked next to me to give me jump please! Well that didn't work but I did make a nw friend . Liz is a pediatric hospic nurse.... And I thought my job was hard! She works with mainly kids with cancer and there families , we talked about our lives and kids and . She lives on a farm about 5 min. From me and she knew the people that lived in our house before we did. ( and who I still get mail for... 7 years later) So where will this new friendship lead who knows... I can tell you this it was God who who made it happen. After about an hour she had to leave to go to work, I called mom to come get me and we tried to jump the van again and first time it started up! So that was my yesterday :)
Thanks again Mom!

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