Wednesday, February 16, 2011

where to start?!?!?!

DISCLAIMER : To friends and Family that I have not shared this info. with I am sorry! We really haven't shared with many and it is really hard and I am still really raw.

There is so much and nothing going on! We are in a holding pattern here at home. We are all just waiting for March 2nd to get here.

Let me back up..... About a month ago we took Zion to his 2-year check up. ( things have been increasingly difficult with him....and he is back to getting up every few hr's @night) So we went through his check up, went over his delays and then had to answer the dreaded Autism questions..... Well he didn't do so well , He actually failed 75% of them and out of the 6 critical he failed 3 ( the Dr. gave him 2 other, as I said he sort of does that)
So what does this mean... Who knows... The Dr. thinks he is defiantly on the spectrum and might also have ODD... We are having him Evaluated by Early intervention on March 2nd. We and the Dr. would like to se him in a Developmental / Special needs Preschool. Along with therapy and we will probably need some wraparound services. He also needs to see the neurologist and Developmental ped.
So that is that.....
I haven't been blogging Because frankly I have been hiding. I have been Angry... and Yes i can admit I was angry with God. When we singed up to be foster parents there are about 300 different things that you are wiling to take or not take in children that they might place.... there were2 BIG ones that I just wasn't comfortable with... 1 . A child who acts out sexually and Autistic. Really we couldn't take a child in a wheelchair due to all the steps in the house but I digress... Well God gave me a placement of a Little Girl who acted out sexually so I don't know why this was a surprise . I just don't understand Autism! But I am Learning. I just had to get over myself...and get right with God again.
You see Zion was a promise from God and I'm ready to take on all that that entails!
So what else is new you ask...... This is the Rogers Clan there can't only be one thing at a time.. I am now having weekly visits with Chandler ( Eden's Bio. Brother) and guess what , Thats right , He's Autistic... and a wonderful boy!!! He is living in a residential school about 45min from me and I look forward to our visit... He seemed to recognize me at our last visit:)
And to top it all off we just had our Home-study updated ( just to be obedient to God ...But that is a whole other be continued)
,....And I am still on the path to becoming a surrogate... you can read about that later on my other blog.

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  1. we tend to forget that He always has a plan and the strength to get to get the job finished. one day at a time, my lovely dear niece. strength and joy and greatfulness and wisdom for today. He knows exactly what we need. and i am preaching to my self. love ya