Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Cold, Rainy mornings ...

...they suck ! I think I have the flu or something...Prob. just fibermialgia( or how ever you spell it) everything is irritating me, and everything hurts! I just want to be in my own little world and not have Z yelling at me again and again and again. For the love of every thing sacred and Holy, child! Your life is NOT that hard, your only 18m old for pete"s sake! Why can't I read a magazine? =/ I still love you even if I haven't looked, hugged, or talked to you in the past 30 seconds! I'm not going anywhere, even though sometimes you make me wish I was--I say that with love =) Please, stop shouting. Please, stop crying. Please be nice to your sisters... they put up with alot! Please, stop pushing my buttons...they are officially broken and will arrive through FedEx in 2 patient.

If you weren't so darn cute and adorable, you'd be at the doorstep of a convent! (again said with love and tenderness!)

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