Tuesday, May 25, 2010

F's MRI.......

Here I sit with Richard waiting for little F to come back from her MRI. It really isn't that bad right now, as I have the computer to play on. F had been screaming all morning due to hunger. She got her last bottle at 4:30 this morning.
Here is how the morning went.
-Up at 4:30 to make sur F got a full 8oz bottle.
-Try to go back to sleep till 6 ( try being the opertive word! I more had nightmares about not comming home from the hospital)
- 6am get Big kids up and ready for school.
- 6:20 Trin leaves
- 7 Levi & Selah leave
- 8:15 take Z to Nana.
- 9:45 Drop E at Aunt Corries
-10:30 @ CHOP

( remember to call Aunt Pammi to remind her that Trin gets off the buss at 3:15)
So, yes if you were counting that is 3 sitters for 5 kids......

Now we sit around and wait.
They just brought her back and again we wait. She needs to stay asleep for an hour to an hour and a half....
Waiting , Waiting , Waiting
Never again will I ask God to give me more patience!

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  1. LOVED having baby Eden. (Don't know how you spell it) I think I will nickname her The Face Snatcher, for the way she reaches up while drinking her bottle and proceeds to pull off sections of my face :) But I loved every minute of it. And Oh! the thighs. Michelin man revisited. Sorry if we spoiled her with too much attention...between me (jonesing Nonnie), Malaika (yay! somebody younger than me!), Melissa and Corrie general lovers of all cute things, especially babies belonging to the Rogers
    clan) and Rachael and her new boyfriend, so she had quite an audience ♥
    Rest assured of our prayers for Faith.