Friday, May 21, 2010

Once again it is time to be thankful.....

Really it is the small stuff the things we all seem to over look...... Top 10 for this week...random order.

1. the sun is shining, the kids are playing in the sprinkler and yet the living room is still cool and NO AC.
2. I get to go to the Food auction tonight with my hubbie , My Mamma and some good friends sans kids!
3. the Babies are all playing!
4. VOC my foster association is giving me the opertunity to go to this years National foster parent conferance...with out there help there is no way I could go.
5. ..Got to paint my toe nails!
6. For wonderful friends that help hold you up when you feel there is no floor!
7. For people who understand that " yes I chose this crazy life" but still need some help every now and then!
8. Good books
9.Sisters who take great pic's of my kids....thank you Stephanie!
10. For a God and family that love me for who I am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

p.s. will fill you in on the food auction when I get home!

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