Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ok so it has been awhile!!!!

Trinity & Z, Levi & E, Selah & F
at Longwood Gardens

Our family has blossomed again!! We now have 3 foster/ Adopt Babies. Z, E &F. E joined our family on April 16. After quite a battle. But we never gave up! God told me that this little girl was my Daughter and I would have crawled over broken glass and hot coals for her! Now adding another baby under 2 has not been the easiest thing we have ever done, but this is where God wants our family to be so we have welcomed it with open arms! Z is now 18m and having a bit of a time adjusting to, yet another little one. His temper has reared it's ugly head and i am learning not to react as he screams at me. ( my ears are ringing though) E is fine as long as she can see me. Richard tells me that when I am out of sight she is Ok. But the min. she hears my voice or see's me she wants nothing to do with him. E & F ( See God has a sense of humor. Those are the first initials of there names.) They are like twins in almost every way but there Birthdays, they are 5m apart. Things with F are a bit crazy right now. When she was 3m or so she started bobbeling her head. At first the dr. said "no worries , just weak neck mucsels." But over the next few months everyone else seemed worried so to apise the masses , back to the Dr. I went........ Well after the third Dr. entered the room with a medical dictionary I knew we were in for some news!! " Well we think she has Bobble head Doll Syndrome" to which I Laughed out loud. But that is really what it is called and it has to do with her Head not draining right causing preasure on the brain:( So on Friday we saw the Nerologist and he came to the same conclusion as the ped., We will no for sure after the MRI on the 25th. God is in Control!!!!! Prayer Always welcome! Now I need to go work on my audobiography, for the adoption.

P.s. please pray for TPR on Z & F s Bio-dads on June 3rd, so we can proceed with the adoptions!
E is TPRed and DHS has moved her to the Adoption Dep.!!!!!!!!!!!

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